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Both local and international placement services are available in the hospitality sector,  

We hire applicants from abroad, including those from China, Malaysia, Vietnam, 

India, Africa, Bangladesh, and other countries.

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About Us

Xiao Singapore is a placement contractor for a lot of large hospitality organizations.

Our partners are some of Asia’s largest hospitality and real estate groups. They have got publicly listed as well as private developments and investment companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Australia, Japan, and Hawaii.

What we do:

Xiao Singapore provides paid placements to Singapore, China, Hongkong, Australia, Malaysia, Japan and Australia in the hospitality sector to interns/trainees, fresh graduates and experienced professionals.

We're not just another Agency, after all. As a one-stop employment agency, Xiao Singapore is dedicated to keeping its pledge. There is no one-off assignment for us. By being sincere and sincere in our services, we hope to build a long-lasting business connection with you. 

At Xiao Singapore, we set ourselves apart from the competition with our distinctive 360-degree approach to meeting all of your HR requirements. Here, we can offer you services like hiring, HR consulting, payroll outsourcing, and visa consulting. We are aware that no single approach will work for everyone. We sincerely believe in paying attention to your needs.

We firmly think that the first step in creating efficient and moral solutions is to consider your needs carefully.


Both local and international recruitment services are available in the area of hiring. We place applicants from abroad, including those from China, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Africa and other countries.

Available spots for placement

We occasionally have different placement spots depending on the demands of the employer 

Assistant Housekeeper

Ensure guest rooms areas are maintained in accordance with policies,

Cleaning Supervisor

Provide cleaning services at office premises, shopping malls & residents

Laundry Attendant

Operate ironer/folding machines Packing of linens into trolleys

Sales Manager

Market and sell residential properties to prospective buyers

Delivery Driver

To perform daily collection and delivery of Central Laundry items

Cleaning Attendant

Provide cleaning services at office premises

Explore Singapore

Are you planning a trip to Singapore or do you wish to travel & work in Singapore? We can help you save much by getting you fully paid placements in the hospitality sector

Why choose to Relocate to Singapore

One of the top tourist locations in Asia is consistently listed as Singapore. As a result, it is not surprising that our lion metropolis has a wide variety of hotels, including luxurious properties, stylish specialty hotels, and basic, affordable lodgings.
In recent years, new hotels have continued to open their doors, including Andaz Singapore, YOTEL Singapore, Mercure Singapore, and Novotel Singapore on Stevens. Each has a distinctive trademark calling card aimed at various traveler demographics. Additionally, to revitalize their areas, some already-existing hotels received renovations. When visiting Singapore for work or pleasure, visitors can rely on finding a wide range of hospitality options and services.

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Employee Training

People in Our company learn from colleagues who have first-hand experience in the industry,

Employee Training

Businesses that accept a learning culture foster an atmosphere that fosters curiosity and knowledge exchange, which improves business results. Our company can be better prepared for future skill changes by having a strong learning culture, which also encourages staff to take more ownership of their own professional growth. An employee-to-employee learning initiative is one powerful method to encourage a learning culture. People in Our company learn from colleagues who have first-hand experience in the industry, and employees grow and develop by passing on their knowledge to others.

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