How It Works

Follow the different procedures below to complete your application

Understanding How it Works

Follow the different procedures below to complete your application

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This is a guide to help you fully understand the steps required.

We’re not just another Agency, after all. As a one-stop employment agency, Xiao Singapore is dedicated to keeping its pledge. There is no one-off assignment for us. By being sincere and sincere in our services, we hope to build a long-lasting business connection with you. 

At Xiao Singapore, we set ourselves apart from the competition with our distinctive 360-degree approach to meeting all of your HR requirements. Here, we can offer you services like hiring, HR consulting, payroll outsourcing, and visa consulting. We are aware that no single approach will work for everyone. We sincerely believe in paying attention to your needs.

We offer placements in the hospitality sector.

Categories of placements.
(a) Low experience placements
(b) High experience placements.

Applying For A Placement

1. Read the roles and responsibilities per placement/job listed carefully before making any application.

2. Apply for the desired position fit for your qualification.

3. Include a soft copy of your passport photos, CV & all the relevant documents that can uplift your application consideration, just in one pdf or word document.

4. After successful application. We shall schedule for you an online interview on our web portal to help our team evaluate your eligibility.

5. You will receive the results of your interview after our assessment.

6. Upon selection, we shall send you an offer letter from the company that selected you, along with the code of conduct and anti-fraud policy.
7. You will be required to read through and confirm by signing the offer letter, Code of Conduct and anti-fraud policy.

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Liliana Drew at Pexels

Got the Job What Next?

8. While returning these fully signed documents, you are expected to attach a proof of payment of 50% placement fees.( These will cater for your Short Term Visit Pass (STVP) or In-principle Approval (IPA) as we get the Work Permit for Migrant Worker)
9. You will then receive your employment contract along with your fully paid air ticket.
10. You will be received by our agent who will give you orientation and introduce you to your workplace as stated in the employment contract.
11. Upon completion of your probation period, you will receive your Work Permit for Migrant Worker. After which you are expected to clear the balance of the placement fees.

Terms and Conditions
The initial deposit of 50% is after securing a placement with a company, then the balance is paid after completion of the probation period.
These fees will facilitate,
1. The placement process
2. Short Term Visit Pass (For entry into the country)
3. Work Permit for migrant worker.
(a) Low experience placements have a $1600 fee.
(b) High experience placements have a $4000 fee.

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